The Early Days
April 2008

Isaac Cheesman, born 11.36pm Tues 8th April 2008 - 9lb 14oz!
"All babies look like Winston Churchill". Or is it Boris Johnson? Or Patrick Moore?

Father rises, bows politely Mother smiles, but not too brightly

Yah boo, sucks to you, world! The Blair Cheese Project?

Bright light! Some day, son, all this hair will be yours!

Ease off the pictures, dad... ...I've had a hard night!

The morning after the (first) night before ./~ It's just a look to the left... ./~

Snug as a thing in a thing Who's that fat man behind the camera?

Boo! No, son, computers are fascinating!

Playplayplayplayplayplayplay! xxx

Not sure about the toys... ...actually - YAAY!

zzz Boyz in the hood