Ten months - eight teeth *chomp*
February 2009

./~ Drink, drink, drink... ...to eyes that are bright as stars when they're shining on me! ./~

Look into my eyes, not around the eyes... ...and for my next trick, a big purple nose!

./~ Jester two of us... ...we can make it if we fly! ./~

The Many Faces of iZac Cheese, Number 13: Truimphantly jubilant iZac learns the phrases 'rakish angle' and 'friend of Dorothy'

./~ The bed's too big without you ./~ Yaay - nearly Mummy's birthday!

Should I give her the presents now? Are you sure you don't want this, Mummy?

Monkey see... ...Monkey chew!

StoppitMummyittickles! "And that, Son, is how you make duvets float..."

I thed it doethnt tathte very nithe, Mummy! Biiiiig huuuuug!