Recipes: Puds

Some of our favourite, but not necessarily good for weight loss:

Amaretto and Praline Stollen
The Best Chocolate Brownies in the World Ever
Lemon Shortbread Bars
Chocolate and Chestnut Torte

These are a bit more healthy, but for that you sacrifice a bit of taste:

Chickpea Cake
Couscous Cake
Fluffy Chocolate Mousse
No-Fat Ice Cream
Orange Cheesecake
Raspberry and Apricot Torte
Spiced Malt Loaf

For the uninitiated, Scan Bran is the Slimming World equivalent to penance served after confession: if you put on weight, you are given a pack and told to do three daily...
...but seriously, folks, they're just all-fibre Scandinavian Bran crisp bread things, available by Slimming World. Kind of like Ryvita, but better for you. And even more like cardboard. However, they are very handy as an ingredient and particularly suited to healthy, filling-yet-tasty puddings:

Carrot Cake
Chocolate Heaven
Sticky Toffee Pudding