Recipes: they're Delia-licious!

Recent additions: as featured in our May Slimming World Taster session thingy!

Corned Beef Quiche
Pasta Quiche
Ratatouille Pasta Melt
Veggie Sausages
Low Fat Dip

Chickpea Cake
Orange Cheesecake
Spiced Malt Loaf

Over the years, we've amassed quite a few handy recipes and thought we'd share them with the world, as well as having a way of storing all our favourites in one handy-to-access place. Now if only they'd invent a non-splash laptop so we could use it in the kitchen...

The bulk of the recipes are healthy, Slimming World friendly ones: where we know them, we've added 'syn' values, but in all honesty can't be arsed to do that for all of them; if you're a SW member, you should know or be able to find out!

And, yes, there are some not-quite-so-healthy recipes in there -since nothing is forbidden at Slimming World- but you'll just have to use your common sense to work out which ones not to cook, if you're trying to lose weight!

This week, we have mostly been eating...

...tangy, peppery and very filling Lemon and Rocket Risotto, followed by fantastic Raspberry Blancmange. Om yom yom!

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