Balsamic Pears with Prosciutto

Preparation: 10 mins
Cooking: 20 mins
Serves: 6


To serve:


  1. Bring the water, sugar, balsamic vinegar, bay leaves and peppercorns to the boil, stirring.
  2. Peel the pears and trim the bases so they stand upright in the syrup and simmer gently for ten minutes until almost tender.
  3. Remove from the heat and leave to cool in the liquid, turning occasionally.
  4. To serve, heat the oven to 180C/Gas 4. Drain the pears and place on a baking tray. Wrap each one with a furl of prosciutto and bake for five minutes until crisp.
  5. Scatter with rocket leaves, parmesan shavings and toasted walnuts. Then drizzle with olive oil.